Begin Grad Tour

MOSCOW, Russia

October 7, 13.00–17.00

Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Europe Square, 2


October 8, 13.00–17.00

Astoria Hotel, Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 39

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About the fair

Begin Group’s Postgraduate Education Fairs are very focused events strictly oriented to Postgraduate education promotion. The geography of the events includes both mature and emerging markets.

Begin Grad Fair is a dedicated event which brings together institutions offering Postgraduate programs (Masters, MBA, PhD, language training courses, and professional certificates) and young professionals seeking further education. Selective approach to the audience and thorough candidates registration procedure ensure valuable results for participating institutions. 

Attendance for candidates is free of charge.

Exhibitor's Profile

Educational institutions offering international postgraduate studies around the Globe: Msc, MA, MBA, PhD, non-degree professional and language courses.


Why Begin Edu Fairs? Targeted Promotion and Three Step Registration

To attract target visitors the intensive and target promotional campaign includes: business and specialized media, popular search engines to match target requests, education internet resources, parents websites


Getting ready for Begin Grad Fairs (Moscow, St.Petersburg)

As the Begin Grad Fairs in Moscow and St.Petersburg are getting closer we would like to make sure you have all the details at hand.

Audience profile

Number of visitors:

  • Moscow (Russia) – over 1600
  • St.-Petersburg (Russia) – over 800
  • Kazan (Russia) – over 400
  • Astana (Kazakhstan) – over 1000
  • Almaty (Kazakhstan) – over 1500

Types of educational programs interesting to the visitors: 

  • Masters – 68.4%
  • PhD – 23.7%
  • MBA – 31.0%
  • Professional certificate courses – 14.9%
  • Language training courses – 33.5%


Age of prospective students:

  • Under 21 years old – 7.5%
  • 21–25 years old – 29.5%
  • 26–30 years old – 38.1%
  • 31–35 years old – 12.8%
  • 36–40 years old – 6.2%
  • 41–45 years old – 3.4%
  • 46 and more – 2.5%

Job Position:

  • Current undergraduate student – 19%
  • Specialist – 33.9%
  • Middle manager – 37.1%
  • Top manager – 9.7%
  • Company owner – 0.3%

Work experience:

  • Under 3 years – 27.5%
  • 3–5 years – 32.4%
  • 6–10 years – 20.9%
  • 11–20 years – 13.8%
  • Over 20 years – 5.4%

Marketing Tasks

Exhibitors Receive Opportunities to Solve a Complex of Marketing Tasks: 

  • Meet potential students personally
  • Meet leading agents in the area
  • Receive first-hand market information
  • Make contacts with local educational institutions
Exhibitor's Package

Promotional opportunities:

  • Exhibitor’s place at the Fair (desk set-up, no booths) at the 5-star venue
  • Advertising and promotion in exhibition program (with complimentary online listing) 
  • Lead generation campaign (and contact list of those who are interested in your services and indicated that during the registration)

Networking and market research tools:

  • Network with local agents (optional, on request)
  • Meetings with local institutions (optional, on request)

Logistic support:

  • Free transfers to/from airport and venues
  • Free Interpreter’s service during the fair* 
  • Accommodation advice* 
  • Visa support and advice*
  • Freight advice*

    *Optional, on request.


Why Begin Edu Fairs? Targeted Promotion and Three Step Registration

Every event advertising campaign is based on targeted promotion of each exhibitor and its educational programs. 

The online channels we use are:

Additionally, we might also engage some offline activities as well:

  • Flyers in country specific centers for international education and culture
  • Business and specialized print media 
  • Radio

We encourage all visitors to register online in advance. During registration process, they get to acquainted with the exhibitors and presentation program.

The three-step registration system is used to provide individual consultations format for each exhibitor during the fair.

At Step 1, visitors submit their contact information.

At Step 2, they sign up to visit specific presentations at the fair. We guarantee at least 20 visitors. Later, you can sit down with the most motivated ones, and thus make your participation in the fair even more efficient. you also get the whole registration list.

At Step 3, visitors are introduced to the exhibitor list with mini profiles. They tick those whose programs they are interested in. 

That is just another way to make sure the event is attended by target audience only. 

After the fair each exhibitor receives the contact list of those visitors who expressed their interest in the programs this particular exhibitor offered.

How to calculate the price of a package and book your participation?

Try Begin Planner to choose the events and promotional services of your interest, calculate the cost of the tour and book participation with available discounts.

Getting ready for Begin Grad Fairs (Moscow, St.Petersburg)
1. Getting your lists ready

To get the venue prepared for the fairs, we need your contact information, a list of your institution's employees working at the fairs (for the ID badges), and a complete list of the equipment that you are bringing to the fair (for hotel security). Please fill in the form.


2. Presentations and visitor registration

If you made arrangements for a presentation, we need your presentation's title, name and position of a speaker, and a short summary. The sooner you send us these details, the better your presentation's attendance will be!

We have recently introduced a new, 3-step registration system. At Step 1, guests submit their contact information. At Step 2, they sign up to visit specific presentations at the fair. At Step 3, they can choose the exhibitors they would like to meet the most. That way, audience quality is ensured.  Please fill in the form.


3. Booking taxi

We advise you to use our order form free taxi to book transfers to/from airport and venues (included in your attendance fee).


4. Travel tips

For now best hotel prices are on Please, find some travel tips here: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan.


For further details please contact us:

Begin Group International Development (495) 933-1098