21.06.2017Travel Tips for Begin Undergraduate Tour Participants, September 2017
Recommended option is a fast SAPSAN train between Moscow and St.Petersburg (4 hour trip). On Saturday Sept 16, there are two Sapsan trains that work for us very well

31.05.2017Begin India Tour, November 2017. Make Your Right Choice
Running preliminary advertising campaigns we use channels with a wide coverage (search engines, social networks, email marketing, educational websites). This allows us to invite and register only targeted visitors who are interested in exactly the programs that you are promoting

28.02.2017Join Begin General & Executive MBA Fair in Moscow, March 17th
The event will gather MBA and EMBA candidates from Moscow and Moscow region. Ambitious professionals and young start-up founders searching for international business education abroad will form the MBA stream at the fair

14.12.2016Begin Edu Conference India. November 14-15, 2017
India is one of the most prospective markets for promoting education programs. Annually over 300 thousand students are leaving India to pursue their education abroad.

09.12.2016Begin Group. Autumn 2016 Figures
During the Autumn 2016 Fair season, we ran 17 major student recruitment events in 7 countries across Eurasia

24.11.2016Travel Tips. Begin Edu Tour Russia March 2017
How to travel from Moscow to St.Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yakutsk and which hotels to pick in those cities.

16.11.2016Begin Edu Fairs. Spring 2017
Begin Group runs over 20 education fairs in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and India in Spring of 2017

31.10.2016Undergrad Candidates from India are Waiting for You
This is the last call to join Begin India Tour, November 23-27, 2016

20.10.2016Begin Eurasia Tour Autumn 2016
Begin Eurasia Tour Autumn 2016 is now successfully completed. It was amazing to visit the three capital cities of Baku, Tbilisi, and Kyiv

12.10.2016Begin Grad and MBA Fairs in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Fall 2016
Last weekend, Begin Grad and MBA Fairs attracted over 1500 visitors in Moscow and over 1000 visitors in St.Petersburg

10.10.2016Begin EMBA Fair in Moscow
Over 200 candidates attended this event last Friday to meet top business school admission officers (both local based and international) and choose what program is best for them

06.10.2016Begin Edu Central Asia Tour​ is now successfully completed
We were all really impressed with the interest the events generated

26.09.2016The Begin Edu Fairs drew quite a lot of interest in the two cities of Russian Siberia
In each city, there were over ​600 registrations and over 300 highly motivated families and individual students

19.09.2016Individual Promotion Campaign for Each Begin Edu Fair Participant
We believe that the more targeted and informed the attracted audience is, the more efficient the fairs are to participants

19.09.2016Begin Undergrad Fairs Autumn 2016!
The season kicked off amazingly great with two of our largest events in Moscow and St. Petersburg

11.08.2016Begin Private School Fair November 12, 2016 Moscow, Russia
A custom shop event for independent boarding schools will gather 100 interested families choosing a secondary school abroad.

10.08.2016Do You use all channels to reach undergraduate candidates in India?
Are You happy with the numbers of undergraduate students you recruit from India? Would you like to have more applicants for 2017 intakes?

25.07.2016Leave No Russian Avenue Unexplored with Begin Group
When joining Begin Education Fairs each exhibitor gets an individually run online promotion campaign in Russian-speaking social media and search engines

12.07.2016Are you Ready to Recruit Students from Central Asia?
At Begin Group we use the most up-todate online channels to reach targeted students and bring them to your stand at Begin Edu Fairs.

06.07.2016Extend Your Begin India Tour with High School Visits!
Begin Group is glad to announce a series of top India International High School visits in frames of Begin India Tour 2016

22.06.2016Recruit from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Israel
How to add 4 nationalities to your school's international student community? Begin Eurasia Tour in October 2016 is the smart way to do it.

06.06.2016Begin India Tour. November 2016
Do you recruit students from India оr are you only planning to start? Begin India Tour in November 2016 is a choice for both

13.05.2016Let's Meet at NAFSA 2016. Booth #1049
NAFSA Conference 2016 in Denver is closing in and Begin Group is proud to be a part of this remarkable event

17.04.2016Begin Edu Fair. Kiev, October 18, 2016
Ukraine has become one of the most rapidly growing market for study abroad. The recent political turn to West has risen crucially the interest in international education among young people in Ukraine

07.04.2016Join Begin Edu Fairs in 2016–2017
It's our pleasure to invite you to join Begin Edu Fairs in 2016–2017. Booking full tours are up to 30% cheaper! Additional 10% discount is available before April 30th 2016.

16.03.2016Join Begin Lingua Fairs in Russia, April 2016!
We are glad to invite to join the last student recruitment events of the Spring 2016 season. April is the high time in Russia for parents to choose summer language programs for their children.

29.02.2016The Four Capitals of Russia Education Tour
Meet over 3000 potential candidates looking for international education in 2016–2017

18.02.2016Business breakfast with Begin Group in Madrid, 03.03.2016
The main topic to be discussed is students recruitment opportunities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Israel

03.02.2016Recruit Students from Russian Far East
In March 2016 Begin Group will run two events in the most attractive student recruitment-wise cities, where you probably have not been yet

02.02.2016Begin Group Student Recruitment Webinars
Would you like to reach your potential candidates from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan or Georgia?

01.02.2016Begin Private School Fair in Moscow on April 16, 2016
This is a custom shop event, where upper middle-class families meet international boarding schools to choose the right place for their kids

28.01.2016It's not too late to recruit from Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan
The fair season is very close and there's still a chance to book your participation

22.01.2016Freight Advice
​If you are planning to ship your materials in advance, here is some freight advice

21.01.2016Begin Group fairs were successfully added to the list of Ministry of Economics of Turkish Republic
Join a series of events in February and March to meet your prospect students and their parents

20.01.2016Students from Georgia and Ukraine Want to Study in USA
Begin Group is glad to invite you to join student recruitment road show in Georgia and Ukraine

28.12.2015Season's Greetings from Begin Group!

28.12.2015Student Recruitment Fairs for Business Schools in 2016
Promote your MBA and EMBA programs to the most targeted audience in Russia and Kazakhstan with the leading marketing consultancy for education – Begin Group.

25.12.2015Travel Tips. Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk is the third most populous city in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg and the most populous city in Asian Russia. The city is located in the southwestern part of Siberia on the banks of the Ob River

24.12.2015Travel Tips. Yakutsk
Ekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast, located in the middle of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia

24.12.2015Travel Tips. Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in Russia and the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Oblast, located in the middle of the Eurasian continent, on the border of Europe and Asia

24.12.2015Travel Tips. Vladivostok
Vladivostok is a city and the administrative center of Primorsky Krai, Russia, located at the head of the Golden Horn Bay, not far from Russia's borders with China and North Korea

23.12.2015Travel Tips. Aktau
Aktau is the second largest city in western Kazakhstan and the country's main seaport on the Caspian Sea. Aktau is known for its unique block address system. Almost all streets inside the city have no names.

15.12.2015Book 2016 Fairs in 2015 and Save!
Begin Group is glad to extend the special discounts available for booking before December 25, 2015

25.11.2015Post Your Ad in Schools of Kazakhstan
The new issue of Begin Group's poster in schools of Kazakhstan is going to come out in January 2016

24.11.20152016 Major Student Recruitment Events in Russia and CIS region
Begin Group offers the full range of marketing and student recruitment opportunities in Russia and post-soviet countries

05.11.2015Recruit from Far East of Russia, Siberia and Urals Region with Begin Group
In year 2016 Begin Group will run several events in the most attractive student recruitment-wise cities, where you probably have not been yet

30.10.2015Join Begin Edu Fairs in 2016!
Book your participation before November 30th 2015 and get additional 10% discount

20.10.2015Begin Edu Fair in Tbilisi attracted over 800 people
Begin Edu Fair in Tbilisi on October 18th, 2015

20.10.2015Begin Edu Fair in Baku (Fall 2015)
Begin Edu Fair in Baku, Azerbaijan on October 17th, 2015 attracted over 800 visitors.

12.10.2015Begin Grad and MBA Fairs in Moscow and St.Petersburg (Fall 2015)
Begin Grad and MBA Fairs in Moscow on Oct 10 was attended by 73 exhibitors from 14 countries and 1800 visitors. The fair in St.Petersburg on Oct 11 gathered 50 exhibitors and 1300 visitors.

08.10.2015Begin Edu Kazakhstan Tour Fall 2015 is completed
The fairs attracted 1000 visitors in Shymkent, 1300 visitors in Astana and 2500 visitors in Almaty. Educators from all over the world presented their programs

07.10.2015Begin International Education Conference went international!
The event was held on October 5th in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and it was for the first time for it to be organised outside Russia.

21.09.2015Last weekend we were happy to welcome about 5000 visitors at the Begin Undergrad Fairs
The international section of the fairs was hosted by education providers from Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA and other countries

11.09.2015Student Recruitment in Kazakhstan. Smart Start
October is the busiest month for student recruitment activities. True! But if you still have 4 days right in the beginning of the month - think of visiting Kazakhstan

03.09.2015Time is Ripe for Baku
The interest to study abroad has never been so high in Azerbaijan as it is now

31.08.2015The Fall 2015 student recruitment season is just about to start
Begin Group will be glad to welcome educators from around the globe at our events in Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus region.

30.08.2015ICEF Field Report: The international student market in Azerbaijan
In the first decade of this century, Azerbaijan was home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world

30.08.2015ICEF Field Report: Kazakhstan economy driving both reforms and demand for higher education
Following several years of strong economic growth and educational reforms, Kazakhstan is a country with burgeoning demand for study abroad and for programmes geared to its labour market dynamics

12.08.2015Don't miss your chance to meet your future students in Tel-Aviv in October 2015
Israel has one of the highest standard of living in Asia and the Middle-East region

21.07.2015Kazakhstan Extands Visa-Free Regime up to 19 countries to end of 2017
On June 26, the Government of Kazakhstan issued a resolution expanding the number of countries included in a trial visa-free regime and extended that regime until Dec. 31, 2017.

13.07.2015Travel Tips. Tashkent
Tashkent (literally "Stone City") is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan.

13.07.2015Travel Tips. Shymkent
Shymkent is a city and administrative center of South Kazakhstan region, located in the valley of Sayram River at the foothills of Ugam Range at an altitude of 1,680 feet.

13.07.2015Travel Tips. Bishkek
Bishkek is the capital and the largest city in the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. It is a city of wide boulevards and marble-faced public buildings combined with numerous Soviet-style apartment blocks surrounding interior courtyards.

13.07.2015Travel Tips. Tomsk
Tomsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. When it was founded, at the beginning of the XVII century, the town was on a hill by the river, and still its houses were made on wood.

10.07.2015How to Meet Your Potential Students Online
If you are looking to meet potential students for a foundation, bachelor or postgraduate program, it is not necessary to come to the country you are recruiting from in person

01.07.2015Recruit Masters, MBA and EMBA students in Russia and Kazakhstan
Meet the most targeted prospects at Begin Group Fairs!

23.06.2015Begin Group email services
Begin Group offers targeted email service for reaching your potential students in Russia, Central Asia and Caucasus regions

22.06.2015Join The Central Asia Road Show in October 2015!
Uzbekistan has the largest population of all countries in the region. With over 32 million it is potentially the biggest study abroad market in The Central Asia

16.06.2015Join the major student recruitment event in The Central Asia!
Begin Group is running The Central Asia Road Show in October 2015

09.06.2015Use the Summer months to get ready for the new recruitment season!
Launch your VK page with Begin Group now and attract 1000 targeted followers in three months

27.05.2015Business breakfast in Boston

19.05.2015Join us for a business breakfast in Boston
If you happen to attend NAFSA next week, join us for a business breakfast on May 27th

14.05.2015Russia and India established a University Association
The ​memorandum of interest was signed on May 8, 2015 in Moscow​, during ​ Pranab Mukherjee​'s official visit to Russia.

04.05.2015The Russian government plans to increase the quota of foreign students
There is an acute need to attract foreign students due to the existing ambitious state plans to strengthen the positions of Russian universities in global rankings

29.04.2015Begin Mid East Tour. Fall 2015
The Tour combines 3 most prospective markets of the region: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Israel

24.04.2015Russian Government to sponsor 20000 international students
Russian Universities will welcome more international students studying on tuition free basis ​if the quotas will ​are raised from 15000 to 20000 in 2016, say the officials

23.04.2015Begin Grad&MBA Tour, October 2015
The fairs are very focused events strictly oriented to postgraduate education promotion

17.04.2015Begin EMBA Tour. Fall 2015
Join the TOP business schools at Begin EMBA Fairs in October 2015

17.04.2015Begin Private School Fair in Almaty. Fall 2015
Begin Group and Euroschool Agency are glad to announce our common project: Begin Private School Fair

15.04.2015Begin Group's Poster (April edition) is now placed in 612 school of Moscow
How many schools are there in Moscow?

14.04.2015Where to start your Fall 2015 recruitment trip?
The Fall 2015 student recruiting season seams so far ahead. But it is high time to start planning your trips around Eastern European countries.

08.04.2015Begin Edu Tours for Autumn 2015
We invite international educators to explore the most vibrant markets of Eurasia

02.04.2015Presentation at a local agency
The new service we are going to provide in cooperation with our partner agents

27.03.2015Begin Lingua Fair in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Spring 2015
Language schools from over 15 countries presented their summer and vacation programs during our Begin Lingua Fair (Private, Summer and Language Schools) on March 25 in St. Petersburg and on March 26 in Moscow. About 1000 visitors attended the event.

24.03.2015World leading business schools represented their programs at the Begin EMBA Fair Moscow, March 20th
On March 20 our traditional Begin EMBA Fair was successfully held in Moscow. About 150 visitors interested in business education attended the event

23.03.2015All subjects in Kazakhstan's high school should be taught in English
English should be made the prime language of instruction in Kazakhstan's high schools, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said during a meeting with representatives of the women's community of Kazakhstan held in Akorda on the eve of the International Women's Day

19.03.2015Begin EMBA Fair in Yekaterinburg took place on March 18th, 2015
Both international (INSEAD, IE, Gabbitas) and Russian participants (GSOM SPbSU, UFU B-School etc) presented their programs for the candidates

17.03.2015Begin Grad and MBA Fairs were organised in Moscow and St.Petersburg
74 education providers in Moscow and 50 in St.Petersburg presented their programs.

12.03.2015Begin Edu Fairs were successfully held on March 10 and 12 in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk
Begin Group International Education Fairs were successfully held on March 10 and 12 in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk!

12.03.2015Two Russian Universities are in the Top-100 of THE World Reputation Rankings
This is the highest position any Russian University has ever taken in this list.

03.03.2015Begin Edu Fair Tbilisi, Georgia. March 1, 2015
Over 850 people visited the event to meet education providers.

03.03.2015Begin Edu Fair Baku, Azerbaijan. February 28, 2015
Over 550 families visited the event to meet education providers from all over the world.

24.02.2015We were happy to welcome about 2500 visitors at the Begin Undergrad Fairs
We would like to thank everyone for great events and will be happy to see you again.

18.02.2015Our first Begin Edu Fair in Atyrau
People came to the education providers from Austria, Australia, Cyprus, France, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, UK, US and other countries.

16.02.2015The Spring season is now launched with the Begin Edu Fairs in Almaty and Astana!
During last weekend, we were happy to welcome over 3000 visitors at the fairs, who came to meet education providers from Australia, Austria, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA etc.

27.01.2015Business Breakfasts with Begin Group in Paris
The main focus of the meeting was the presentation of the current trends in the study abroad market of Russia and the region

20.01.2015Travel Tips. Tbilisi
Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia, lying on the banks of the Mtkvari River with a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants.

20.01.2015Travel Tips. Atyrau
Atyrau is a city in Kazakhstan, and the capital of Atyrau Province. It is located at the mouth of the Ural River, 2700 kilometers west of Almaty and 351 kilometers east of the Russian city of Astrakhan.

20.01.2015Begin Group presented its survey findings for international recruitment officers in London, UK
Begin Group recently conducted a survey with international education consultants in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

15.01.2015Russia’s top universities to launch unified student recruitment center
The center will open in early 2015 and simplify the admission process for foreign students looking to enter Russia’s leading universities

13.01.2015Business Breakfasts with Begin Group
London, January 15th, 2015; Paris, January 27th, 2015

24.12.2014May we wish a wonderful holiday season for you, your family and friends.
All the best in the New Year!

25.11.2014Meet you potential students at Begin Lingua Fair
Begin Group team is glad to invite you to join Begin Lingua Fairs in Moscow and St.Petersburg (Russia) in Spring 2015.

28.10.2014Begin International Education Conference in Moscow
Begin International Education Conference took place in Moscow on October 24, 2014 and gathered almost 100 delegates both from local and international universities.

22.10.2014Begin Edu Fair in Baku. Fall 2014
Begin Edu Fair in Baku has become the traditional event in Azerbaijan.

17.10.2014Begin Grad Fair in Moscow
On October 11, 2014 Begin Grad Fair in Moscow was attended by over 1200 visitors, who met 91 participants from different countries.

06.10.2014Begin Education Fairs in Kazakhstan
It was great to visit Kazakhstan again!

01.10.2014Autumn 2014 season is open!
We would like to thank all participants, these introduced their institutions and to wish success by follow-up prospective students!

24.08.2014Economic sanctions not ending Russian study abroad
An online learning system for Russian language will be organised, said current Russian Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov

19.08.2014Looking for September 2015 Intake Applicants?
Meet you potential students in the best British curriculum school of Almaty – Haileybury!

19.08.2014Begin International Education Conference
The conference is designed to bring together marketing professionals from education organizations to share practical experience in solving various marketing problems.

16.08.2014Begin Group turns 15
On August 16th, Begin Group celebrated its 15th birthday.

29.07.2014Interested in MBA students from Russia?
Begin Fairs is the best place to reach them!

29.07.2014Custom student recruitment events with Begin Group
If you are planning an event (meeting, presentation, master class, workshop, open day, alumni reunion etc) or a custom education tour Begin Group will be happy to provide full service package for your institution.

29.07.2014Are you happy with your agent network?
How many times have you heard from your colleague: «...my agents are useless. I have signed a dozen of contracts but I hardly get one student a year from the region..!»

29.07.2014A complex promotion strategy for educational institutions with Begin Group
The former soviet states study abroad market is one of the fastest growing worldwide. The total number of students choosing study abroad opportunities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and other countries of the region exceeds 150 000.

17.07.2014Kazakhstan waives visa requirements for citizens of 10 countries
Citizens of the following countries are eligible for entering and leaving Kazakhstan without visas (for the 12 months time frame - July 15, 2014 till July 15, 2015)

16.07.2014Russian language online system plans confirmed, says Russian Ministry of Education
An online learning system for Russian language will be organised, said current Russian Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov.

04.07.2014Presentations at Begin Edu Fairs
Attending a fair is a great chance to meet your potential audience in person. However the speed dating format used when consulting numerous fair visitors assumes repeating the same information over and over again during the fair. To make your participation at the fair more efficient you can give a presentation of your institution during the fair.

04.07.2014Fairs Don’t Work or… May Be You Don’t?
Let’s be frank, not 100% of those who come to fairs go study abroad, but 60% of the visitors surely do, this year or next. True that they can visit a dozen of education fairs before they make up their mind, but wouldn’t you do the same when choosing a college and country for you or your child to go?


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September 30, Astana, Kazakhstan Begin Edu Fair
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