Online Promotion Campaigns

We have been working for years on a very regular basis with Begin Group for developing our brand  and we are highly satisfied with the results. This collaboration has been long lasting and will continue as they are playing a key role on our development on the Russian Market.


Why Begin Group
We help you reach your online campaign targets with a very customized and flexible approach to media planning. You may use your own landing web page or we can create a complimentary one for you. The budget is flexible as it’s a CPC model, so it depends on how much visibility you would like to get. Translation services are complimentary. 

Search Engine Marketing
The use of locally popular search engines (Yandex, Mail.Ru) in addition to global systems (Google) may deliver fantastic results. We tune up the campaign messages for higher CTR and lower CPC.  

Social Media Marketing
With Begin Group assistance, you will reach the largest share of your Russian speaking audience in and Odnoklassniki, which are still way more popular than Facebook in Russia and CIS countries. 

Email Marketing
Begin Group has a database of over 140 000 contacts of people interested in education programs. The contacts can be filtered by geography, age, study levels, interests in specific country and/or program etc. 

All online campaigns are custom planned. Please let us know the basic facts about your campaign (main objectives, budget, timing, geography and target audience) and we will compile a media plan for your consideration.

Begin Group professionals were officially accredited and certified by Yandex.Ru, Mail.Ru, Begun.Ru and Google.

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Online Promotion in Russian Speaking Countries

Target Attract target audience interest to your programs; Generate leads
Tactics Inform target audience of your programs; Invite target audience to visit your landing page
Landing Page To be confirmed. Either at your website or within domain (example: 1, 2)
Target Audience Students with with interest in international studies
Age To be specified according to the programs promoted
Language Russian and the Azerbaijani language
Geography Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, etc (to be specified according to the targets)
Campaign Timing and Duration To be confirmed
Efficiency measures Number of visitors at the landing page

Sample Mediaplan

Budget Share Suggested
Context Ads
Context Ads
Targeted Ads (teasers)
Community Sponsored Posts
Begin Group websites (,
Newslines, banners
Begin Group subscribers
Emailings to subscribers


Budget per month
EUR 2000
EUR 8000
Number of page visitors (min)

* Amounts may vary depending on the target audience profile, geography etc.

Thank you for working with Begin Group!

Please contact us to book service or get more information.


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September 30, Astana, Kazakhstan Begin Edu Fair
October 1, Almaty, Kazakhstan Begin Edu Fair
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