Posters in schools of Russia, Kazakhstan, and India

We were pleased with the volume of students genuinely interested in studying in the UK.
Exeter University

Begin Group’s information poster is the unique marketing tool for any program aimed at schoolchildren and their parents. It provides a wide coverage and at the same time 100-percent match with the target audience for universities, colleges, foundation programs, language courses etc.


Market your programs on notice boards in:

  • over 700 public and private schools in Russia (Moscow)
  • over 200 public and private schools in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana)
  • over 50 international schools in India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore)

The poster is published five times a year in Russia and twice a year in Kazakhstan and India.

Each copy is delivered to the school principal personally. The poster is usually hang up by the bulletin board, next to lessons time-table and/or other important messages related to the school life. Photo report is an obligatory part of the process. Each issue is displayed for 2 months until replaced with a new one.

International Education enclosure options
  • Language courses text block (dates, contact details, 600 characters)
  • University general info text block (contact details, 600 characters)
  • Full colour ad module (60x310 mm horizontal)

Publication fee starts at EUR 500.

Poster samples (large scale): Russia, Kazakhstan, India.

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