Agent Workshops

Dubai and Istanbul Tour 2016
15-17 May, 2016
Area zone: Dubai, Istanbul

15-16 May, 2016
Area zone: Malaysia

Mexico & Colombia Tour 2016
23-26 May, 2016
Area zone: Mexico, Colombia, Bogata, Colombia

Agents Workshops - Denver, United States
4-5 June, 2016
Area zone: Worldwide

Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain and Italy Tour
6-10 June, 2016
Area zone: Europe, Prague, Czech-Republic, Budapest, Hungary, Madrid, Spain, Rome, Italy

24-25 June,  2016
Area zone: China, Beijing

Kazakhstan and Georgia Tour 2016
14-17 September, 2016
Area zone: Kazakhstan, Georgia

Agents Workshops - London
5-6 September, 2016
Area zone: London, United Kingdom

Ukraine, Poland Romania Tour Sep 2016
6-8 September, 2016
Area zone: Kiev, Ukraine, Warsaw, Bucharest, Romania

Agents Workshops - Beijing, China
9-10 October, 2016
Area zone: Beijing, China

Agents Workshops - Las Vegas, United States
19-20 October, 2016
Area zone: Worldwide

Agents Workshops - Rome, Italy
20-21 October, 2016
Area zone: Worldwide

Locarno, Switzerland
24-25 October, 2016
Area zone: Locarno, Switzerland

Southeast Asia Workshops Malaysia
25-27 November, 2016
Area zone: Jakarta, Manila, Philippine

Agents Workshops - London, United Kingdom
6-7 December, 2016
Area zone: London, United Kingdom

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Before the Workshop

For International Workshops
(Zurich, Los Angeles, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, London, Kazakhstan, Tallinn)

After the participation fee has been settled, a list of agents' contact details will be provided around a month prior to the Workshop for scheduling appointments with agents. The list will be regularly updated to ensure each institute having immediate access to a range of vital international contacts.

For National Workshops and EU Tours:
(Bangkok, Jakarta, Istanbul, St.Petersburg, Mexico City, Bogotà, Hongkong)

After the participation fee has been settled , a list of agents contact details will be provided approx. 14 days before in Excel format. The scheduling will made directly on the spot.

During the Workshop

Each institute will be provided a meeting table to meet with agents. The Workshop is divided into different appointment sessions of 20 minutes each. Each institute will be able to register a maximum of three participants, provided that they represent the same institute, parallel appointments could be scheduled to double the efficiency of their appointments effectively.

Last-minute appointments would be arranged during the first half hour of each day Workshop. Further contacts between institutes and agents could be made on an informal basis during luncheons and coffee breaks.

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