Online Fairs

Begin Online Edu Fairs 2024

Begin Group Online Edu Fairs provides you with a great opportunity of meeting your future students and their parents from the comfort and safety of your own office or home. Use a web-based platform of our design to communicate with your potential applicants, provide them with all necessary information, collect leads and run video-presentations.

Begin Group Fairs

What We Provide

Using our 20+ years of experience of running student recruitment events we have designed the format of the online event that will meet the needs of all our numerous partners. Our platform allows you to communicate your audience in a different way and provide a close-to-offline experience.

Pre-event lead-generation

  • Individual lead generation campaign tailored to your institutions’ profile. Bringing all our 10+ years’ experience of running promotional campaigns strictly online and using 50+ marketing channels (both global and local ones) we promote your participation in our fair and collect contacts of attendees who expressed interest in your institution.
  • After the event you will receive contacts of all who registered to visit your virtual stand at the online fair. Every lead will include following information:
    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • E-mail
    • Phone number

We also collect information about attendees’ profiles and their preferences like level of English, type of programs they are interested in, sums of money they are ready to spend on their education, etc.

Your Virtual Stand

Begin Group Fairs

Trying to create a place where your potential applicants could find all the necessary information about you we provide every participant with a virtual stand.

At our platform you can place the following type of content:

  • Short description of your institution
  • PDF brochures
  • Promo videos
  • External links
  • Representatives’ direct contacts

Check out more detailed specifications at our Getting Ready page.

We will spare you from the difficulties of uploading all these materials on your own, all you have to do is to send them to us.

We do encourage our participants to place a very detailed contact information (phone, Skype or WhatsApp number will be great) so the attendees would have multiple ways to call/write them back.

Attendees also can express their interest by using the “Get More Info” button located at your virtual stand. Then you will immediately receive the contact details of this person so you can work on these hottest leads.

3-Hour Live Chat

Begin Group Fairs

All Begin Online Edu Fairs are run for 4 hours and during all this period you will have an opportunity to communicate with your future students and their parents in your personal chatbox. All questions and answers will be visible for all attendees.

Our chat works similar to all modern messengers. When you receive a new message you get visual and sound notifications as well as attendees receiving answers to their questions. Replied questions also will be marked so you will not get lost when the numbers of incoming inquiries are high.

Some useful information can be added in a Pinned message located in the top area of your chat. You can use it to put some personal consultation registration links, to remind you about the time of your presentation or to address some parts of your website with more specific information.

We have no technical limitations for a number of representatives working in the chat. However, we recommend you to have 1-3 people in here to make sure somebody could answer incoming questions while you are giving a presentation.

Live presentation

Begin Group Fairs

During the event we will provide you with a pre-scheduled 15 min. time slot when you can give a video presentation of your institution.

We use Zoom to run these video conferences implementing all parts of these presentations deeply into our platform and the format of the event itself. The link to the Zoom room where you run your presentation is put to you virtual stand as well as the presentations schedule and all reminders and email for attendees.

We recommend you to focus on a presentation part but some questions may come up in Zoom chat and Q&A box. Whether you would like to answer them by voice or to continue your communication with viewers after the presentation we will copy all these questions to your personal chat and share the direct link to it.

We do recommend you to rehearse your presentation in advance to make sure all the necessary information is given during these 15 minutes. You can also pre-record this presentation so it can be uploaded to your personal stand just as an addition to your live performance.

As well as with personal chats we have no technical limitations for a number of representatives giving a presentation. We do encourage you to invite somebody who can bring some region specific information which is always in high demand among the viewers - your local agent or a colleague from a local branch, international student or alumni.