Begin Edu Fairs in Azerbaijan

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Begin Group has maintained a presence in Azerbaijan for over 10 years, making it one of the oldest student recruitment markets we serve. In Azerbaijan, we organise in-person education fairs and high school visits in Baku, providing a unique opportunity to connect with the country’s most ambitious and motivated students and their parents.

Country Overview

Azerbaijan is emerging as a strategic location for educational institutions looking to expand their international presence. With a rapidly growing economy, the country is heavily investing in education and technology, fostering opportunities for partnerships and academic exchanges. Azerbaijan's economy demands highly skilled professionals with international experience in fields such as business, law, technology, political and social sciences, and education.

The country's commitment to enhancing its educational infrastructure and fostering international collaboration makes it an ideal destination for institutions aiming to attract a diverse student population. Studying abroad is increasingly seen as a marker of high social status for Azerbaijani families. Currently, over 44,000 Azerbaijani students are studying overseas.

Key Facts:

Young and ambitious population: Azerbaijan boasts a young population of 2.3 million people (22.7%), eager for international education, with motivations ranging from curiosity about other cultures to seeking affordable alternatives to domestic higher education.

Rapid development: Azerbaijan has shown significant economic growth, especially in recent years. In 2022, the country experienced a solid growth rate of 4.6%, driven by strong performance in the non-oil sector which grew by 9.1%. Efforts to improve the business climate have attracted foreign investment, and infrastructure development has been a priority, aiming to enhance the country's role as a regional transportation and logistics hub.

Government support: The Azerbaijani government actively supports international education initiatives. In 2022, the President approved the State Programme for Youth Education in Foreign Higher Educational Institutions (2022-2026). This programme aims to send up to 2,000 students annually for bachelor's and master's degrees abroad, in addition to the over 10,000 students already studying internationally through state and intergovernmental quotas.