Begin High School Visits

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Begin High School Visits Autumn 2024

High School Visits

Begin Group offers a unique opportunity to connect you with the most promising students in the region, directly at their schools.

Our tailored high school visits allow you to visit 2–3 of the leading local international schools in each city, providing students with in-depth information and insights on study-abroad opportunities.

We already partner with 40+ schools that welcome representatives from over 100 top universities annually.

Join our events and let us help you find the perfect fit for your institution!

High School Visits Format

Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Target audience: Highly motivated students in their final two or three years of high school

Format: Dynamic mini-fair, allowing students to interact with representatives directly.

Venue: Appropriate space at a school (hall, auditorium, library, or gym)

Begin Group provides:

  • Full organisational and logistical support: We handle all event planning and coordination, including transfers to and between schools
  • Pre-event promotion: We share detailed information about your university with students at participating schools before the event, generating interest and maximising attendance
  • Informative flyers: We can provide students with flyers about your institution, programmes and opportunities
  • Targeted school selection: We carefully choose schools to align with your university profile

Benefits of Participating in Begin High School Visits

Direct interaction: Connect directly with high-achieving students seeking international education opportunities. Our visits provide a personalised platform for in-depth conversations and Q&A sessions.

Showcasing your programmes: Highlight your unique offerings, student support services, and admissions requirements to a targeted audience of potential students.

Continued engagement: We facilitate post-event communication with university representatives, allowing students and school counsellors to maintain contact and explore opportunities further.

Networking sessions with school counsellors: School counsellors play a vital role in guiding students towards their academic goals. Building relationships with these educators provides a direct channel to a highly motivated audience of potential applicants.

Social media exposure: Get high-quality photos and gain valuable exposure through Begin Group’s social media channels, showcasing your institution’s commitment to international student recruitment.

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