Begin Edu Fairs in Georgia

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Remise sur les forfaits: 2 salons – 10% de réduction, 3+ salons – 20% de réduction.
Économisez 10% de plus en réservant à l'avance les salons de la prochaine saison/année.
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Begin Group has been organising educational fairs in Georgia since 2014, leveraging our extensive experience to navigate this dynamic student recruitment market effectively. In addition to our in-person fairs in Tbilisi, we also offer high school visits in this city. These events provide a great opportunity to engage with Georgia’s most ambitious and motivated students and their parents.

Country Overview

Georgia is emerging as an attractive market for international student recruitment, driven by a combination of economic growth, educational reforms, and strategic geographical positioning. The country has a population of around 3.7 million, with a significant portion of its youth seeking higher education opportunities both domestically and abroad. Georgia requires highly skilled professionals who possess international experience for its economy. The country’s commitment to education is evident through its substantial investment in the sector and the introduction of various reforms aimed at aligning its education system with international standards.

There are 62 higher education institutions in Georgia (19 state and 43 private), 65% of which are located in Tbilisi.

With a growing economy and a young, ambitious population, Georgia offers significant opportunities for educational institutions looking to expand their reach and attract a diverse student body.

Key Facts:

High demand for study-abroad programmes: Over 10,000 Georgian students are currently studying abroad, with top destinations including the United States and Europe. This number has increased by 20% over the last few years, reflecting a strong desire among Georgian students for high-quality international education and diverse academic and career opportunities.

Rising economic investment in education: Georgia has significantly increased its investment in education, with government programmes supporting scholarships and international study opportunities. This financial support makes it feasible for more Georgian students to pursue education abroad, enhancing their appeal to international universities.

Strategic location and cultural openness: Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia offers a unique blend of cultural influences that makes its students adaptable and open to diverse educational experiences. This makes Georgian students valuable additions to international academic environments.