Getting ready for Begin Online Edu Fairs

Dear colleagues,

Please check the schedule of the events and materials we are going to need from you. 




To make your participation fruitful and to be sure your potential applicants find all necessary info about your institution, your virtual booth at the fair’s platform must be set up.

Many different materials can be used at your virtual booth – texts, PDFs, videos, links, photos, etc. We kindly ask you to provide them as soon as possible so they can be also used in your individual pre-fair lead-generation campaign (otherwise we’ll have to use information we can find on your official website).

To have your materials uploaded to the platform please fill in the form.

Please, provide us with all materials mentioned in the form so your virtual booth was as informative and useful as possible for the attendees. A link to your virtual booth with uploaded materials will be sent to you for your approval before the event.



Please make sure you have received your login and password to access the platform (Sign in as Staff) and enter your chat room. We have sent your account details by a separate email from If you haven't received it to your Inbox, please check your SPAM folder. If you do not see an email at any of the folders, please let us know at your earliest convenience. Your credentials from the past online seasons shall also work.

Once logged in, please check your virtual stand. If you have any comments, please send them directly to your manager or Please note that Live Chat will be available at the date of the fair.

Feel free to use Pinned Message option in your chat – put all necessary information at the top of your group chat. To add pinned message use Edit button at the top right corner of the chat window, right next to names of representatives.

Links also can be added to the message. Please follow 180 characters with spaces limit, otherwise, your message will be manually moderated.

Please be advised of the following Zoom presentation guidelines:

      • Please enter the room 5 minutes in advance of your presentation time by following a Zoom link provided above.
      • 1 minute before your slot please use Raise your Hand button to identify yourself as a speaker. If you have two speakers, please make sure both of you identify yourself by Raising your Hand.
      • Once we identify you as the next speaker, the moderator will promote you to the panelist, please switch on your Audio and Video and start Sharing your Screen.
      • We recommend using PowerPoint or PDF slides formats. Showing a video during your presentation is not recommended as it may slow the connection down and interrupt the quality of the presentation.
      • 1 minute before the end of your time slot, the moderator will switch on their camera to identify themselves and make a signal that you have 1 minute left.
      • 15 seconds before the end of your slot, the moderator will thank you and invite the next speaker. Your Audio, Video and Screen Share options will be disconnected.

To learn more about Begin Online Edu Fairs download PDF or watch our tutorial webinar.