Begin India Tour

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Results of Begin India Tour:

Begin India tour combines 3 major economic and cultural centers of the country. The tour is the best way to start recruitment year in the most rapidly growing market for international students in the world. The fairs participants will have an opportunity to not only to meet face-to-face with potential candidates, but to visit local agencies between the events.

During Begin Edu fair in India, 1200 visitors chose their education programs abroad. 35% are interested in undergrad programs and 65% in grad. Our fair is a good way to meet better qualified candidates than you may usually meet in India.

Join Begin India Tour fairs and present Bachelor, Master, PhD, language and summer programs, high schools and foundation programs, private and boarding schools, professional certificates, MBA, Preparation for International Exams. Moreover you can provide candidates with all the details about admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, etc.

Remise sur les forfaits: 2 salons – 10% de réduction, 3+ salons – 20% de réduction.
Économisez 10% de plus en réservant à l'avance les salons de la prochaine saison/année.
Choisissez les salons.