Online Promotion

Customized marketing campaign is an effective way to promote your educational institution online and to find potential students. Over the years of working on diverse educational markets we have mastered multiple online promotion methods.

Online promotionRunning over 300 marketing campaigns per year allows us to stay up to date on new advertising features and to choose promotional tools that are best suited for the goals of our partners. We use over 50 different marketing channels and platforms to reach our partners’ target audience in various regions of the world.

Choose a set of channels to promote your educational institution:

  • Search Engine Marketing (from EUR 1000)

    Effective use of targeted ads in global (Google) and locally popular (Cốc Cốc) search engines results in a high clickthrough rate (CTR) with the lowest possible costper-click (CPC).

  • Social Media Marketing (from EUR 1000)

    Various ads in social media reach only the target audience due to the precise targeting in both social networks (Facebook) and popular UGC platforms (YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

  • Email Marketing (from EUR 500)

    Search for potential students with a series of targeted newsletters using Begin Group database with over 160 thousand subscribers. Depending on the goals of the campaign, the audience can be targeted by age, region of residence, interest in certain types of programs, etc.

Get a customized marketing campaign with multiple channels and instruments starting at eur 1500.

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