Platform for Running Online Student Recruitment Events

In June 2020 Begin Group has launched its own web-based platform designed for running online edu fairs to provide our partners with a useful communication channel they can use to connect with potential applicants from all over the world. Since then we have organized 50+ exhibitions with 550+ exhibitors participated and 100+ thousand students visited. But moreover we’ve had numerous cases of providing the platform to our partners for running student recruitment events of their own.

Begin Group web-based platform designed specifically for student recruiters' needs. We will be happy to bring you all necessary tools allowing you to organize virtual Open Days or other events of this kind and to make sure your participation experience and representative-student interactions will be held in the best possible way.

Pre-event preparations

  • Individual pre-event online lead-generation campaign. Using 50+ local and global marketing platforms we promote your institution to make sure you’ll be visited by students interested in the study programs of your profile.
  • Preparations and pre-event trainings. We will help you to learn how all of the platform’s features work and make sure your participation experience be as smooth as possible.
  • Customization of the platform. Your logo, contacts and visual materials can be implemented into the platform's design.

Platform for Running Online Student Recruitment Events

  • Virtual booths’ preparations. Depending on the type of event you’re planning to run your units (booths) can be study programs or fields, departments or even separate institutions. Short description, cover photo, PDFs, videos, links and direct contacts can be placed at every booth.

Platform for Running Online Student Recruitment Events

Begin Group platform is fit for running both smaller and bigger events. In December 2021 Campus France Nigeria event targeted to an audience of Tropical Africa hosted 20 universities and business schools with 2 488 students visiting (38,8% conversion rate, 6 411 registrations in total).

Full support during the event

  • E-mail and WhatsApp reminders for pre-registered visitors (on request, additional budget TBC). Let us ensure people registered to visit your event are additionally informed and reminded about the time of it and provided with all necessary links.
  • Begin Group moderators’ support in Live Chats and Zoom conference rooms (optional). Be assisted by experienced helpers making sure no obscene questions appear in chats and presentations start and end in time.
  • Interpreters assistance in Live Chats (on request). Have an option to deal with questions in local languages coming up from students’ parents.

Series of custom events is a great chance to expand your marketing coverage to the areas where your presence needs to be enhanced. In 2021 J-Mena powered by Begin Group platform and ad campaign had run five Study in Japan events targeted to different regions of the world. Regardless of the chosen set of countries, we ensured a 25% conversion rate with 2000+ registrations and 500+ interested students visiting.

What you receive

  • Contacts of those who pre-registered to visit your event (in case of ordering a lead-generation campaign).
  • Contacts of those who left messages in your Live chats.
  • Contacts of your Zoom presentations viewers.