Student Recruitment Webinars

Begin Group offers custom-made student recruitment webinars that effectively target your ideal students and highlight your unique offerings. Our targeted webinars deliver a cost-effective way to reach a wider pool of qualified students.

A custom-made webinar is an hour-long online seminar designed to showcase your institution, promote its programmes and services and interact with your target audience remotely.

We use data-driven strategies to tailor your webinars for maximum reach and impact, ensuring you connect with the students most interested in your programmes.

Benefits of conducting webinars:

  1. Targeted reach: A pre-webinar promotion campaign to reach your ideal audience
  2. Visual impact: Compelling presentation slides to enhance your message and capture attendees' attention
  3. Interactive experience: Live Q&A sessions to foster dialogue and address audience questions in real time
  4. Customisable product: Tailored to the specific needs of your audience
  5. Global reach: Up to 5 countries within a region in a standard package
  6. Timely delivery: 1 week setup, 3 weeks pre-webinar promotion

Your personalised promo campaign includes:

  • Customised strategy: Tailored to the unique dynamics of the educational and advertising market
  • Comprehensive audience targeting: Focus on geography, age, language, personal interests, and your specific needs
  • Data-driven marketing tools: Google Analytics, TNS, etc. for proven effectiveness
  • Professional content: Eye-catching images and expertly crafted messages to drive registrations
  • Multi-platform reach: Using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and targeted email campaigns to Begin Expo subscribers

Seamless еxecution, еvery step of the way:


  • Detailed media plan
  • Custom landing page
  • Personalised online promo campaign
  • Data-driven campaign optimisation

During webinar:

  • Technical support & moderation
  • Live Q&A session


  • Recording of the webinar
  • Attendee statistics
  • Attendee list for further outreach


From EUR 2,500*

Optional extras:

Post-webinar emailing – 0,2 EUR per contact
WhatsApp outreach – 1,5 EUR per contact


*Registration numbers vary based on institution, program offerings, and target region

Let us help you create impactful webinars that connect you with the perfect student demographic for your institution!